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Printable Hmong Earring Backings


My oh my, it's been a long time since my last blog post. A lot has happened. Anyway, I made some free printable Hmong earring backings! Yay!!!

The reason I got into digital art in the first place was because I was making jewelry and I needed backings for them. Since I didn't want to use other people's artwork, buy, and/or print out generic backings for them, I decided to draw my own. Which did not work out as well when you have to draw it onto paper first, scan it, and then upload it to the computer to 'digitalize'. That was one too many steps.

Then Procreate came into my life and I started doing more art than jewelry. So this past week when I was trying to find something to draw, I remember that I once wanted to make backings for my crafts; and we have come full circle... or almost.

I made three versions. A colored-in version (Top), A black and white version, and a black and white version with the lips filled in.

These are made to be the size of a business card, 3.6x2in. I have included all three versions in the pdf below.

To download the files, click on the link below:

Hmong Earring Backing
Download PDF • 4.29MB

Thanks for stopping by!


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